Helicopter Ratings and Endorsements

After you have completed your licence, the journey is not over. At HTT is you can get a rating flying turbine aircraft. HTT is also qualified to endorse pilots in night ratings as well as sling and other aircraft type ratings.



Helicopter Endorsements at HTT

As part of your training at HTT we highly recommend acquiring aircraft ratings. This both expands your employment prospects and offers an insight into machines that you will be flying. There are two engine categories, piston and turbine. Also there are countless of different aircraft types that you can obtain a rating on. At HTT you can obtain a rating on any aircraft we posses. HTT staff are also rated on many other machines as well, so if you are looking to gain a rating to fly your privately owned aircraft we may be able to assist with that too.

Helicopter Ratings are competency based.  Once you are competent with the flight procedure, there is a legislative requirement to pass a Proficiency Check.  These are a quick flight test on the elements of the flight standards required by the syllabus.  Once you have satisfactorily passed the Proficiency Check these are added onto your licence.


Helicopter Night Training

This rating can be added to a valid helicopter licence. With this rating you can fly a helicopter after sunset on both cross-country and local flights. The night rating in Australia is not PPL or CPL specific, requirements for both licence types are the same.

The course consists of a minimum 10 hours flight training in a suitably equipped aircraft and covers basic instrument flying, the use of navigation aids, general handling, emergencies and night cross-country training.



Helicopter External Load Training

One of our Cabri G2's is equipped with a hook. We can further expand your employment opportunities by providing you with a sling endorsement. Many future jobs will require this qualification for fire fighting, search and rescue, logging and so on. Helicopter External load operations are on of the hardest aspect of flying and requires concentration and a good training base.


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