Helicopter Charter - What can we do for you?

When you choose a private helicopter charter with Helicopter Transport and Training , you'll have the best travel experience. All the amenities and services of HTT Sydney, a diverse fleet of helicopters.

With a private helicopter charter, you have the freedom to choose where you wish to go. HTT has made up a rough costs guide for you to get an idea of the expense involved.

Your tour destination is our priority. Helicopter Transport and Training Sydney professionally trained pilots and staff will ensure the safety and service of your charter. Whether you are traveling for business, an afternoon with friends, or a romantic flight with your special someone our charter department will work with you to create the best charter for your needs.
The Advantages
Our aim is to make your travel arrangements simple and hassle free, so you can sit back and enjoy your trip.

1. High Safety Standards and Conduct
2. Great value for money
3. Convenience 
4. VIP service

Problems associated with commercial airlines such as delays, inflexible schedules, missed flight connections, overbooking, and cattle-car mentality, are only a few of the many challenges facing a traveller.

The private customized solution offered by HTT will solve all these problems at once. We can charter you in the NSW regional area.

Helicopter choice depends upon: number of passengers, comfort level, airspeed, and cost. Small piston helicopter are generally used for short and medium haul of fewer passengers at a lower rate. The higher hourly rate, but faster turbine helicopter, is more suitable for medium to long haul. The faster turbine is sometimes more economical than the slower piston which, even at a lower hourly rate, will require more flight hours and refuelling stops to cover the same distance. The best solution for the shortest haul is always the helicopter, which is able to directly connect major airport hubs or isolated private residences in the country-side.



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