Charter Service - rough cost guide

We have developed this page to give you a rough estimate of the costs associated with charter services. Please note, that the times shown on the map are one way. Multiply the time by two in order to return back to bankstown airport.

CASA - The administrative authority that oversees aviation in Australia requires that we provide written authorisation in case you want to land at a place other than an authorised helipad or an aerodrome. This permission has to come from the land owner.

Helicopter charter costs Sydney regional area

Below is a map outlining time it takes for a helicopter to reach each area eg. It takes roughly 30 minutes to fly to Wollongong. A return trip in an R44 type helicopter will take roughly 1 hour. The Rate ($880) x Duration (1) = Costs ($880)

Once you have an idea of the costs involved get an official quote from one of our pilots by simply calling or emailing us.




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