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Services offered at HTT

HTT provides an array of services such as fixed-cost scenic flights over Sydney Harbour, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, and Beaches as well as executive transport, charity work, transport solutions to local community and sporting events, aerial photography work and private hire.

HTT is also forming exclusive partnerships with clubs, private estates and travel agents/tour operators.

Sydney Airspace Training

Sydney and Bankstown airspace environment enables intensive practices of essential radio-communication procedures in the early stage of the flying training. Air familiarization in both the controlled and non-controlled airspace environment is also of prime importance to demonstrate competency in flying in the appropriate class of airspace.

Also this diversity of airspaces reflected by its traffic and procedures will help developing your situational awareness to maintain safety at all times, enhance your sense of responsibility as a pilot in command and define superior flying skills.

Helicopter Training at Bankstown Airport

The western area of Bankstown Airport offers a helicopter training area that we use for basic training i.e. hovering.

From time to time, operations may be undertaken at one of the secondary bases like Camden aerodrome for solo circuits, low level and autorotation exercises.

Sydney non-controlled airspace (OCTA) includes fantastic areas such as the Northern Beaches, the Blue Mountains, the Hunter Valley… which you will overfly during navigation exercises. 
There are several different navigation routes from Bankstown airport offering diversity in landmarks and topography i.e. populated areas, bushland, mountainous relief, coastal lanes over water; and in airspaces i.e. Restricted, Danger and Prohibited areas; Controlled airspace CTA/CTR and NDB/VOR facilities to make use of radio aids.

We also have specific lane of entry procedures and helicopter access corridors such as the famous Parramatta river to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Introduction to radar CTA/CTR procedures are possible with Sydney airport/Mascot.

To us, Bankstown airport is an ideal location close to diverse training environment from where we are able to readily and timely operate all of the air exercises, reach the instructional objectives and meet the completion standards.



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